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Friday, June 8, 2012

Yup, I'm still here....

Man if I did have any readers/followers I’m sure they are long gone…
I have to say the hard part about this blogging biz is coming up with things to write about!  It has been so long now I have plenty to write about!

For the past few years for the Fourth of July my mom and step-dad invite family over & everyone stays a few days swimming, hanging out and cooking out, ya know the usual.  Well since this year the 4th is on a Wednesday they decided to do it for Memorial weekend.   So a few days before the big weekend I headed to my hometown to hang out, and it was a lovely time!  I got to see some aunts, uncles, and cousins and of course spend some time with some precious nuggets that happen to be my nieces and nephew.  They are seriously cute. 

 I ended up staying the week after to help my mom get organized and clean out some things.  During this process we found some old Christmas lists that I had written, EMBARRASSING.  Does anyone else see things they have written as a youngster and get embarrassed for your younger self? Lord knows I do.  My mother tries to tell me it’s sweet, cute, I say what a nerd I was/am??  Krazy K started reading the Christmas lists out loud, and cried haha!  The first list we found the handwriting was something terrible,  I asked for  Barbie dolls, a trampoline & other  important things like that.   The next one we found you could tell I was older not only because the hand writing was better (bubbly & my I’s were dotted with circles), but also because I asked for the nicer things in life.  For example J Crew clothing accompanied by catalog page numbers where those sweet argyle sweaters could be found and Doc Martens (apparently I wasn’t sure what style I was after at that time, good ole adolescence will do that to ya). 
When I spend a good period of time at home I always think to myself “If ONLY I had known I could make money off of the funny/weird shit my mom & step-dad say…”  They are entertaining to say the least!   For example when the rapper Heavy D died, my step-dad heard the news and said “Awww man, I sure am going to miss him. I really liked Heavy D.”  I’m sorry G-money I had no idea you were such a fan of old skool rap.  Shall we pour one out by the palm tree in the backyard for your homie that has passed? (Don’t you feel like that P-Diddy & Faith Evans song should play in the background of that scene?)
Following my mini-vacay in T-town I headed to Pine Bluff for a friend’s amazing wedding.  I got to be a part of this wedding in a different way, not my normal role of a bridesmaid.  For this wedding I got to do the makeup for many of the bridesmaids and attendants.  I have always loved makeup, putting it on, buying it, learning about it, etc.  I did 10 different girls eye makeup & a few of them I did their face as well; it was great fun and good experience doing all those different faces!   I was exhausted afterwards but it didn’t stop me from having so much fun at the wedding.   There was a great band, tons of friends and GLOW STICKS what more could you ask for?!  This new…side job, I guess we will say, started when one of my besties for the resties Katie asked if I would do her makeup for her bridal portrait, I was so honored!  I also did it for her wedding.  My other good friend Britani (whose wedding is next weekend, where I will be returning to my bridesmaids’ duty) asked me if I would do her makeup for her portraits also.   Flattered yet again, I will also be doing it for her wedding.  It makes me feel good that I can make my friends feel beautiful and great on their special day!  Looking forward to an empty, relaxing weekend and gearing up for the next TWO weekends of weddings & being a bridesmaid!

A few random thoughts to close out my lengthy post here ….
Pinterest …have you ever noticed how many weird-ass nail polish design ideas there are?  OR How there are so many UGLY/TACKY clothes that are repined, or have some stupid caption for the picture like, “great dress for making the EX jealous!!!”  I want to trip those people & tell them not to write silly things like that.
This random thought is very important:  Do you watch Duck Dynasty?  If you don’t you totally should.  If you are having a bad day & need a good laugh Uncle Si will totally make you feel better.  I laugh out loud when I watch it. You won’t regret watching it, trust me.

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  1. Woohoo finally. And I will remind you I asked you to do my makeup at my wedding and you said it was too much pressure. Glad you are knowing how good you are at it and sharing your talent with others.