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Always a Bridesmaid, that's me! I have been in my fair share of weddings and that's where the blog name comes from! Read the first post to find out more. This blog is about my life, and not just my life as a bridesmaid! I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Well Hello....

For a while my friends have been telling me I needed to start a blog.  I told them, what the hell am I going to write about, my life isn’t that exciting (although how many people do you know who have asked two different people, once in a Target parking lot and once coming out of PetCo, what kind of dog they had with ‘um only to have them reply in an indignant tone, “it’s a wolf”… Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize walking a wolf on a leash or leaving one in the back of a truck was normal/safe….I digress).  My friends think it will be funny to read, I guess they think I am funny???? 
As for the title of my blog Always a Bridesmaid, that’s me.  While I am sure that there are plenty of other gals out there that have been in far more weddings then me, I would say I am a pro.  Within the past 3 or so years I have been in Jenni, Holly, Mary Kate, Katie,  this summer Britani,  and Jenna’s weddings, and I’m sure more to come! Now that I have listed them it doesn’t seem like as many but I guarantee my bank account would disagree! (That’s a lot of dresses!)  Don’t take it the wrong way, all of these people mean the world to me and are near and dear to my heart <3 <3 (yes I just made emoticon hearts, so sue me).  I am so honored to have been a part of all of these joyous occasions and quite frankly would have been very hurt had I not been!  I had a wonderful time being in these weddings & made great memories being a part of all my little love muffin’s big day!  Buuuut I am beginning to feel a bit like that ole gal from 27 dresses! Ha-ha
  The funny thing is that if I lived in any other area of the country (born & raised southern girl) it would not be a big deal that I am (cough) 27 (cough) and not married.  But since I do live in the south and I am the afore mentioned age, I am considered an old maid, put me out to pasture, it’s time for me to join the convent!  I think I enjoy shopping & other things too much to actually join the nunnery so that option is out. Most of the time I don’t feel this way and I’m pretty happy with my life, occasionally I hate being the last of my kind (single that is) and I would most definitely like someone to share my time with, but I am also not willing to just settle on some ole fellow just for the hell of it!  I’d also like to not be pressured to head out to the dance floor while Single Ladies blares and have to try to catch a bouquet. If you are a true friend you will spare the single ladies in your life!  The best part is that I know that when my time does roll around, (I mean marriage, not death), that all those lovely ladies will be there for me!!
Now of course not all my posts will be in regards to bridesmaidsness or weddings, they will be my random thoughts, or activities.  Although this is part of the reason I never wanted to do this before because who really cares what I do with my time, (it does all seem a bit narcissistic dontcha think?????)  Krazy K (that’s my mom, you can thank one of my dear friends for that nickname) she cares but she already knows what I do! She thinks I spend too much time at Target & gets annoyed and says “that must be nice” when she asks what I am doing and I say "nothing".  So there you have it, my first post. I am sure you found it mildly enjoyable so until next time, here’s to catching the bouquet!